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If you’re interested in the great fragranced candles and beautiful accessories by PartyLite, there are 3 very attractive options available to you.

1. Be a Guest at a Party and treat yourself to something special. Go shopping without stress, and enjoy our special service.

2. Become a Hostess and benefit from the many advantages this offers, such as free products, discounted products, monthly specials and a  “booking thank you“.

3. Become a PartyLite Consultant  - that means flexibility, independence, success.
As a PartyLite Consultant you are the one who determines how much you would like to earn. You’re your own boss and organise your time as you like, so you have enough time for your family personal commitments
E vites system now in use to enhance your party booking, invite your friends by email, get them to order by email if they cant attend.

Please contact me with your orders before you place them for now as I maybe able to save delivery charges for you. Also if you have any difficulty using the system or cant find what you want email me on or phone on 07402193929 and I will do my best to get you what you want

We are working hard to supply the best quality wax and accessories to all our customers. With special offers and a friendly smile, Contact me to arrange your party and have a fun evening with your friends discovering the joys of Partylite candles. Life is lovely when you surround yourself with fantastic fragrances and beautiful artistic pieces.  or @RozCandlefairy on Twitter.
We are also looking for like minded people who would like the chance to start a business of their own with loads of support and fantastic products.

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